More loan products for borrowers who not qualify a normal loan

Other than we offer normal low rate loan products for home buyers and home owners, we also have loan programs for borrowers not able to use normal loan products.  For example:


Loans for home renovation, fix-up/flipping.

Loans for foreign buyers.

Loans for low credit scores.

Loans for no income verification.

Cash out Loans for recent cash purchased properties.

Today lets take about the “Loans for home renovation, fix-up/flipping.”

This kinds of loan usually belong to hard money loans. We can have rate in middle 8. Loan to Value ratio upper to 80% and purchase ratio 90% (borrower pay as low as 10% purchase price).  No pre-payment penalty.

Usually approval very quick, can close in 7 to 10 days.

Contact us if you have such loan need.