About Company

AAXY LLC has 2 dba’s as AAXY Mortgage and Austin First Mortgage. It is a Texas licensed mortgage company whose mainly business is lending residential mortgage loans. It has a wide range of loan products including conventional loans, FHA, VA USDA and hard money, alt doc and no doc loans. It has an affiliated real estate company (All Side Realty) which can help buy, sell, leasing and manage real estate properties.

A simple history

AAXY LLC was started as a home based business Mortgage Broker in 2003. It helped thousands of home buyers and home owners to get home loans since it’s started. The founder were Xiaomin James Wu and Yinan Nancy Sun.

In year 2005, AAXY rented a small commercial office and started hiring more people.

In year 2010, the company started to be a direct lender. Now it funds most of the loans it originates, while keeping a very small portion of loans still brokered to other lenders.

AAXY Mortgage Branch

  • Now, AAXY has 2 major operation group. The Austin First Mortgage and AAXY Mortgage group.
  • The AAXY Mortgage group led by Xiaomin James Wu has professionals with strong knowledge in finance, and real estate. This team focus on services and customer satisfaction while offering the best rate on market to our customers.
  • The company keeps BBB a+ rating and Yelp 5 star rating.

About the founder and Team Leader Xiaomin James Wu (James)

  • James was born in China and came to US in early 90’s. He had studied in a PhD program in TAMU but hadn’t got the chance to finish it.
  • James got a job before completing his PhD study. He worked as a semiconductor (analog and mixed signal) design engineer for years and in groups that designed IC chips used in personal PC’s audio processing including the first generation Apple iMac.
  • He started his real estate business in middle 2002 as real estate agent and loan officers. He started it as a hobby as he is very interested in investing in real estate.
  • James got his mortgage broker license in early 2003 and started his own mortgage broker company later that year.
  • James is a Real Estate Broker with Texas real estate license # 0498954. He is currently sponsoring more than 40 real estate agents in Texas.
  • James is also a real estate investors focusing on affordable residential housing investments.
  • James is active in local social and non-profit activities. He is currently the president of Great Austin Chinese Chamber of Commerce.