AAXY Mortgage is not an old-fashioned mortgage company which only sells loans and makes decisions of approval or denial. We are a group of professionals who help people gain the best and most suitable mortgage loans in accordance with their real estate financial needs.

We provide free consulting for people who have questions regarding mortgages. Not only do we give suggestions and help in deciding which loan product may be the best fitting for their plans and finances, we also provide assistance in making the financial arrangements required to become qualified for a loan, or receive a better rate for a loan they are already qualified for.

Our Goal is to help you close the deal with the best possible rate

  • In real estate transactions, close the transaction is very important. Buyers may lose the deal or suffer a financial loss if a loan can not be closed on time. We always do our utmost to provide a timely closing for our clients.


  • Although a rate which is 0.25% lower may not sound impressive at first, that 0.25% could very well save the borrower more than $15,000 over the entirety of a 30-year fixed mortgage with an initial loan of $300,000. Our goal, first and foremost, is to ensure that our clients obtain the best possible rates with the most suitable loan products on the current market.