Free Services

Besides offering excellent services to our borrowers, we also provide below services for free:

  • Free pre-qualification and approval with income, asset, liability documents review. What you need to do is submit an online loan application, pull a credit report (that is not AAXY charges and AAXY will not make any profit from it).

There is a way for less cost, which is a borrower can use the annual free credit report from if you do not have any negative credit record in your report. When we have to run automatic underwriting tools to get loan approval, we need our tri-merge credit report.

  • Free consulting for any real estate related question for our borrowers. Use our contact info to contact our experienced loan consultant.
  • Free consulting to real estate agents. If you are a real estate agent and have a question that is real estate or mortgage related, please contact James by text message, Facebook or Skype text message.
  • Free real estate agent referral. We refer local real estate agents who can help you on your real estate need.
  • Free opinion on a real estate property. If you are interested in a property and like to hear a second opinion, contact James. This service may be limited to properties in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio area.
  • Free investment consulting. For all borrowers, if you are interested in real estate investment, or have a question for your existing rental property, ask James. He will be glad to find answers for your questions.